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What Makes Cornerstone Chiropractic So Different?

Cornerstone Chiropractic offers a completely unique healthcare service and experience that you’ve likely never encountered. The nervous system controls every function of our health, bodies and lives yet it is the most neglected and overlooked system in healthcare.

We all understand the ingredients for health

Good nutrition. Clean water. Air. Sunlight. Sleep. Positive social relationships.

But we can have all of these things in the right amounts and still be sick.

That’s because our nervous system uses all those ingredients and and orchestrates the processes of life to produce health and normal function.

In this office we utilized advanced nervous system testing to assess the health of your nerve system and utilize gentle and very specific spinal adjustments to release tension from that system that develops in the spine.

That tension, known as vertebral subluxation, builds up in the spine due to various physical, chemical and mental/emotional stressors over time and then begins to cause more nervous system stress and interference and ultimately negatively affects our health, function and quality of life.

This is why chiropractic has worked for countless people and continues to produce such great results for the individuals and families we care for in our office.

Your body was designed to be well.

Your nervous system helps orchestrate all the function of your body and helps keep you well.

Interference in that system will necessarily begin to negatively affect your health, growth and development.

We specifically locate and correct that interference, allowing the body to resume normal, natural functions and produce health.

You see, we believe you were designed to be healthy and not sick. To be happy and not sad.

We know you believe this to be true as well.

So if we find ourselves or our loved ones in a state of sickness or despair, in a state of less than optimal health and function, then there must have been some cause. Some form of interference.

That’s what we look for and correct, and in doing so help allow your body to return to its optimum state of health and quality of life.


What People are Saying About

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Community Involvement

Dr Blackman believes in strong community and is committed to supporting those that wish to see our community thrive. Some of the organization include:

Orange North Rotary, Orange Chamber of Commerce, Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, Youth Centers of Orange, Friendly Center and more………………..